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Our 25 years of expertise in house construction in the Lecrin Valley and Granada, means we are able to work with you on every aspect of your home build, from the design, to the construction, to the plumbing and the electrics. All of our homes are bespoke creations that are worked on in partnership with you, and we can even offer full project management depending on your needs. We are experienced in providing a range of flawless different finishes, whether you’re looking for a modern home, or one in the Andalusian or Moroccan style. We have built-up many trusted contacts over the years, and can recommend and liaise directly with local architects and town halls. No matter your tastes, we will ensure that your custom built property will be finished to a high standard, and unique to you. We can offer professional renovation services for your existing property across Southern Spain and Granada. Whether you need a full renovation of your home, or simply want modern home improvements of the interior or exterior, we can deliver a professional service and finish. Our renovation work includes big and small home improvements, alongside expert kitchen and bathroom design and fitting. If you need larger renovation work, we can also liaise with local architects and town halls to ensure that the correct planning permission is secured, and the project runs smoothly from beginning to end.
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